The National Lottery Community Funds Heart of Tamworth

The Lottery Community Fund backs Heart of Tamworth

06 July 2019

The Lottery Community Fund backs Heart of Tamworth in Joint venture with Community Together CIC

Over a year ago, work started on a bid for Lottery Community Fund support and they asked us to work jointly with Tamworth Together CIC as we share the aims of reaching out to those who are poor, marginalised or isolated in our society. This week, news came that we had been successful in securing a lottery grant that, with financial support from the parish, will enable us to build and operate a new community hub and training / meeting facility on the Sacred Heart site.

The total award to Heart of Tamworth is an amazing £225,495. Central to this award is the construction of a new building with a large café and community offices (£150,000 for this) and £75,495 for a community Worker to develop HoT services. At the same time, Community Together will receive £163,595 to develop this community projects.

Our new project is called “Creating Connected Communities” and will work to alleviate social isolation and poverty in Tamworth by creating a focus for the tremendous resource we have in volunteers willing to give of their time and energy as well as the step change in the facilities we can offer and the paid support to help manage it.

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