Tamworth Working Together

01 June 2020

Tamworth Working Together has been a theme running throughout all aspects of our response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

One way it has taken off is by providing food and friendship for struggling people. Here are some stats:

Running Totals:

  • Incoming Calls – 1,473
  • Outgoing Calls – 2,440
  • Befriending Requests – 228
  • Emergency Food Supplies – 532
  • Coop Referrals – 175
  • County Referrals – 162
  • New Volunteers Recruited – 77
  • Activity Pack Referrals – 116

Many organisations are involved in this, charitable organisations and council with a devoted team of volunteers on site at Sacred Heart every day. Many parishioners and members of the HoT community bring in food on a daily basis (7 days a week and going into its tenth week). Local retailers have also been very generous. Just as we seem to be running out another stash arrives! Thank God.

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